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about Anke

graphic design & illustration

Born in 1985 in Oranienburg – Brandenburg/Oberhavel

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator since 2009

Based in Berlin – Brandenburg


My main area of expertise:

Editorial, photo post-production and illustration

Motto: "I perceive what you conceive"

Language skills: German, English, Japanese

My main influences:

History/art/culture/nature/delicious food 

Likes: various paper types/nature/travel/music/sweets


Once I decide on my occupation... I love my tasks as a designer. I immerse myself in my work. My main strength
is in illustration. With multidisciplinary skill sets and
unique design resources, I work with the tools of Adobe
and Affinity programmes. I mix analog and digital technics.


I understand business development, logo design,
layout and typography as well.

As a long-standing freelancer, I know color theory, 
creative strategy and socially-conscious design.

My pricing is fair and is based on market standards.

You get a transparent and fair offer.



MAC                       /////100% 


Windows                /////100%


OpenOffice            ////    85%


Indesign                ///// 100%


Photoshop            ////   95%

Illustrator              ////    85%


Affinity Photo       /////    95%


Affinity Designer  /////   95%

Affinity Publisher  /////   95%